Honeycomb Softwares


Suvarnakala can serve all sizes of businesses, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and others. The software is specially developed to simplify and streamline all facets of the Suvarnakala business, thereby benefiting all parties involved in the process – the manufacturer, the retailer, and the customers

Development Stack


React JS, API: ASP.Net core

Built for

Web Application


Jeweller Shop


Client’s Requirement

Client Krunal came up with one unique idea about developing a web application.
Key Result

Solution of Project

We suggested it to develop the web app and that should run for all web browsers.

Key Features

Account and Ledger Management

Stock Report, Ledger Reports

User Management

Tag and Untag Management

Packet Generation

Transaction (Purchase, Issue, Receipt, Merge, Split, Adjustment)

Masters (Add Branch, Employee, Department, Counter, Daybook, etc)