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Dropforcoin is a platform for the users and brands through which users can get rewards by performing the tasks and brands can create campaigns to add tasks. By completing the tasks the user will get some coins and later users can use those coins to redeem their eligible rewards. Users can redeem their rewards by using Paypal and twitch subscription.

Development Stack


Angular - Front end, Back end: Laravel framework (PHP)

Built for

Web & Mobile App (Android & iOS)


Esports and Gaming


Client’s Requirement

Client requirement is to earn money from different campaigns like Lead campaign, App download, Watching Videos on Mobile or System, by following on Twitter, facebook, YouTube Subscription & visit website.
Key Result

Solution of Project

We built him a platform for users and brands. Where they can earn money from platforms.

Key Features

Campaign creation and user segmentation with Country, State and gender

Users can earn coins and redeem it

Paypal & Twitch subscriptions

Lead data download

Getting emails for Campaign creation & Budget increment

Invoice download